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Elle N’ Roses

Turning an Emergency Adoption into a Success Story!

Ginger was in real danger of being put down. She had less than 48 hours to find a home and panic was in the air. Luckily, some guardians lurking in the periphery helped save her by buying her some time. She was shipped to a boarding house upstate and waited for someone to take a chance on her to find her a new forever home…



Ellen received an email from her boyfriend and instantly fell in love. Within moments of seeing her pics and hearing Ginger’s story – Ellen wanted to help. She considered fostering, but she knew that would not be enough. She went for run to clear her mind and came back with the answer. Two days later and Ginger bloomed like a Rose, and Elle N’Roses were united. Less than a week later, the two are inseparable and two lives were saved. Life adjustments are being made, but Ellen wouldn’t have it any other way. She reminds us all that sometimes opening your heart to a pet helps you more than the pet.

Below is the post that Ellen read:

This dog needs to get out city shelter and she only has 48 hours to live. A volunteer at shelter wrote Ginger is petite and young-looking, and very intent on being close… She is 4 years old and weighs 32 pounds. She likes a lot of contact and gets excited easily. She absolutely loves being handled and didn’t make a peep at any other dogs. I really liked her. She has a sad look to her, despite being quite pretty. I met her also yesterday and she was extrmely sweet and absolutely no aggression with other dogs, even when one was quite mean to her she backed away. She is house trained.

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