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Carmela’s Winding Road to Forever

Carmela’s journey has been a complicated one.
Pulled from the euth list over a year ago by another rescue for a young man in Massachusetts, Carmela’s future was in a limbo when her new dad’s life was turned upside down. After receiving no help from the original rescue, he tried to find Carmela a new home on his own, but it proved to be very hard due to her dog issues, and he was running out of time.
He was literally a few days away from having to move in with his grandparents in a no-pet retirement community in Arizona when his plea reached us. Outraged by the previous rescue’s complete lack of support and sympathetic to the young man who obviously cared deeply for this girl, we took Carmela into our rescue.
She spent several months in boarding; people tend to forget about dogs once they’re out of the shelter, and Carmela’s dog issues were making it even harder to find her a foster home.
Then Olivia and her boyfriend came along. The young couple have no other pets, and since Carmela was always amazingly loving with people, they offered to welcome her into their home, as a foster.
As time passed, they fell deeper and deeper in love with Carmela, and after a few months, they agreed that she belonged with them.
Failed by so many in her past, Carmela is finally where she belongs: HOME.

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Miss Elizabeth – now Izzy!

Some of you may remember when we “accidentally” saved a pittie named Elizabeth from the euthanasia list at the city shelter in 2012. Linda had meant to pull a Jack Russell Terrier with the same name. Instead, she pulled an American Pit Bull Terrier. Thus was born our “beautiful mistake,” who has turned out to be a beautiful blessing. After nearly a year in foster, our Lady Elizabeth aka Lizzy has been adopted and she’s now a Long Island girl.

Here’s an update from her fur-ever mom:
“Hi Linda,
[She] is doing great! I decided to call her ‘Izzy,’ short for Isabella. Since it’s close to ‘Lizzy,’ she is responding well. She is such a love bug… so friendly to everyone! I am so happy to have her and thank you for saving her. What you do is such honorable work. Adopting through Posh Pets Rescue has truly been a wonderful experience. I will keep in touch and let you know how Izzy is doing, periodically.
Thanks again!”

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We have lost a wonderful foster home, but Honey has gained a wonderful fur-ever family. As her mom, Monica says, “As most of you know, we have been fostering Honey for Posh Pets Rescue. Linda, the president pulled her out to safety from the kill shelter after she was dumped for a cherry eye and hair loss. In the five and a half months that she has been with us, she only received a handful of applications for adoption and for me, they were all duds. As the days were passing, I expressed to my husband that the right family has to be out there for Honey, we just need to be more patient. I could see that she was starting to fit in with our other two doggies and that she was showing so much love and affection for us. It never ceases to amaze me the unconditional love that an animal can bring to you… My heart was breaking already, thinking when the right family does come along will she be able to adjust and will I be able to let her go? I really didn’t want to be a foster failure because just helping at least one dog at time was something that I loved doing. Well, as for the rest of the story, my husband – being the great guy that he is – made the decision for us to adopt Honey. As my Valentine’s gift, he adopted her for us! I thought to myself, ‘There is no greater gift of Love than to give a home to an animal in need.’ Also, to go along with her new life, I will be changing her name to Chloe. When I got the news she was mine, I told her, ‘You’re home, girl’ and she looked at me as if to say, ‘I knew it all the time.’”

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Boo the Pug

Hi! My name is Boo and I am the little black Pug in this photo. If you blinked, you missed me. See, as soon as Linda put me on the Posh website, the applications started pouring in. I am just a puppy, and my former dad got me from a pet store a few months ago, but he recently fell very ill, and suddenly, I was a Posh Pet and in a foster home.
And this here is my fur-ever family. The girl on the left is my sister, Stella. She used to be a breeding mom and my parents had to give her a lot of medical care after they’d adopted her. She is now fine and I know I’ll be fine, too.
I wish all my other Posh brothers and sisters found their perfect homes as quickly as I did!

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