Meet JACK. He is a large, 4 year old, EXTREMELY FRIENDLY and AFFECTIONATE male black and white tuxedo cat. He is an EASY GOING, MUSH that is SUPER SWEET. He gives HUGS and is even a LAP CAT! Plus, he is GOOD with other CATS. We can’t say enough great things about Jack. In short, he’s the IDEAL COMPANION CAT. Arrange a “Meet and Greet” with Jack. He is located in Long Beach, NY. He is neutered, UTD on shots, and FIV/FeLV negative.

To meet me, fill out the CAT ADOPTION APPLICATION at http://poshpetsrescue.org/applications/

Jack4 - 1 Jack3 - 1 Jack2 - 1 Jack1 - 1


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Hi My name is JEANNIE and i am a sweet female ONE and HALF year old Designer Dog JACKCHI which is a CHIHUAHUA/JACK RUSSEL mix weighing ONLY 20 pounds full grown, with a very soft White and Tan flecked colored coat

I am full of fun and love other DOGS

I prefer to eat alone and have not learnt to share my food yet, so need some work on that but I am ready to learn

I am extremely sweet

I love to be held also but have lots of energy to run around and play

I have been spayed and have all my up updated shots

I walk nicely on a leash

Please download an application on this site.

jean face again  jean face

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Hi My name is GOOBER and i am a gentle and sweet ONE YEAR old CHIHUAHUA/PUG mix weighing ONLY 13 pounds full grown,
with a very soft White and Tan colored coat

I am extremely sweet and submissive, and so great with everyone including DOGS, CATS and CHILDREN

I love to be held and a little shy, but in a NON aggressive way I am perfect for any family and will snuggle with you and give you kisses

I have been neutered and have all my up updated shots

I walk nicely on a leash

Please download an application on this site

goober ears goober

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Hi My name is HOLLY and i am an adorable, and sweetest SIX MONTH old SHEPHERD mix weighing 25 pounds with a very soft wheat colored coat

My rescue cant say enough wonderful things about me.. I am an empathic snuggle-bear! i am that rare sort of pooch who is so thoughtful, and cares so much about how others feel, that I could easily become one of the most important ‘people’ in your life

I am great with other DOGS and CATS and love CHILDREN

I walk nicely on a leash

Spayed with all my updated shots

Please download an application on this site

holly sitting Holly side face

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Hi My name is TYSON and a grgeous looking male 4 YEAR old AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER MIX weighing 60 pounds with a cute face and pointy ears

I am active, and love to run around the backyard playing ball and bringing it back to you.. Of course nothing better then resting in between, and getting hugs and showing my thanks you with kisses

I would love to have my own backyard or someone who is fairly active that will go out with me on nice walks My rescue says i am pretty strong, but learning to walk properly on a leash

Good with DOGS

i am house Trained

Neutered with all my updated shots and Hear worm tested negative

Please download an application on this site

tyson on nate tyson and nate tyson face even cuter


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Hi My name is HANNAH and i am the sweetest THREE Year old Female SHIBA INU Mix with very soft golden fur weighing 38 pounds

I came from Thailand and I love everyone My tail is non stop wags when people say hello to me

I am living with a CAT in my foster home, and I am fine with all the DOGS I meet.

I am very well behaved in her home, and like nothing better then too chew by bones and relax

My foster mom says she has not heard me bark and I am house trained to go outside

I am spayed and have all my shots and have ben heart worm tested negative Even have a microchip

Click on the following link in your browser and hit SUBMIT on yjis site


IMG_0033 IMG_0038 IMG_0040 IMG_0047 2 IMG_0034IMG_0036_Fotor


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Hi My name is LAMBO and I am the sweetest THREE year old Male purebred HUSKY weighing 42 pounds with one BLUE eye and one BROWN eye

My rescuer says I am just so gentle and have a wonderful disposition

When I was given to them by owners, I had to have Patella Laxation Surgery on my back knees and now can run easily and have fun with my toys throwing them in air. There is no after care needed but a normal good diet

I love other DOGS and CATS and love when people hug me. as i am affectionate also so good with CHILDREN

I am neutered and have all my shots . Microchip

Please download an application on this site

lambo looking up lambo walking lambo sitting better


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ARI is a gorgeous 3 year old male PURE BREED…. AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER… with a beautiful slate gray coat weighing a healthy 70 pounds (DNA Test has been done)

One person when meeting him said “He’s a hunk, a stud muffin, He’s absolutely gorgeous in his slate grey coat, wagging tail and expressive eyes. There’s something about his gaze….all knowing….intelligent…..as if he knows what I’m thinking even before I think it.

He is in foster home and lived with a SMALL grouchy dog previously, and great with BIG DOGS also He goes to Doggy Day Care

He is big snuggler also and likes nothing better then to lay next you or at your feet.

He is athletic and loves to play fetch with a ball

Ari is a wonderful dog, who will bark at strangers coming in the house , but settles right down once told its a friend as he is very smart and just does what any good dog should do

He knows commands :
place – go to his bed
crate – go to his crate
down – lay down
up – sit up from lying position
jump- jump to grab a toy from sitting
drop it – drop the toy he’s playing with (not perfect but getting there)
leave it – stop eating his food and lets you take it, He has to sit with out command to get the food back
heal – he comes to your side,
come – inside the home he comes

He is totally housetrained

Neutered with all his updated shots

or go to our site here,  and fill out application and press SUBMIT


ari stitting Ari body

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Hi My name is SUMMER and I am a THREE and HALF  MONTH old FEMALE CHIHUAHUA weighing just THREE POUNDS with a soft tan coat and flecks of white.

I love being picked up and held, in my foster home, and and playing with toys Good with other DOGS, CATS and CHILDREN

I have a sibling with me, so if i go to a home without her, I would like another small dog in the household to grow up with and keep me social

Spayed and microchipped and up to date with shots including rabies

Email…. Mslondonspets@aol.com

or go directly to our site and fill out and submit


Summer kissing summer sitting summer body summer toysummber adorable

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Meet KITTY. She is an 8 year old, PRETTY and PETITE gray and white, MEDIUM HAIRED female who recently lost her home and family due to unfortunate circumstances. Kitty is VERY SWEET. She is FINE with OTHER CATS as long as they are not the dominant type. She will RUB her head against you and let you BRUSH her too. Kitty would love to find her FOREVER HOME in time for the holidays. Come meet Kitty. She’s staying in Queens, NY and is available for “Meet and Greets!” She is spayed, UTD on shots, and FIV/FeLV negative.

To meet me, fill out the CAT ADOPTION APPLICATION at http://poshpetsrescue.org/applications/

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watch me play with my toys

watch me drinking my water with my paw

Hi, my name is ARIEL and I am a 3 year old TABBY girl with adorable WHITE paws. I love to hang with my person and GIVE HEAD BUTTS and TALK. I am a very SOCIAL CAT too and I will follow you around and greet you at the door when you come home. I absolutely LOVE ATTENTION and I will seek you out to get CHIN RUBS. I love CATS and Dogs and I get along GREAT with both. I’m PLAYFUL too, as you can see in my video! As a matter of fact, sometimes I think I am a dog! (I get along with dogs of all sizes) That being said, I would be fine in a home with other animals or perfectly happy as your one and only. I’m currently staying in Manhattan. Come and meet me! I am spayed, UTD on shots, and FIV/FeLV negative.

To meet me, fill out the CAT ADOPTION APPLICATION at http://poshpetsrescue.org/applications/

Ariel2 - 1Ariel1 - 1Ariel3 - 1Ariel(1 - 1Ariel(3 - 1ariel2-1-150x150Ariel1 - 1 Ariel2 - 1


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Watch my video:I’m a nice boy

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Sophia is a 4 years old medium spayed yellow and white dog Mix of Staffie/Corgi . weighing a petite 31 pounds


She plays gently with adults and CHILDREN whose she lived with a 3 and 5 year old in her last home

. She is not bothered during storms/fireworks. She is friendly when her food bowl, toys and treats new touched while she had them. .
She is not bothered by baths or being disturbed while sleeping or resting. She is not bothered by unfamiliar that approached the family. She is friendly, affectionate, mellow, and excitable dog and loves other DOGS and good with CATS

. She will give her paw whenever she wanted affection.

Sophia however Did have a lump removed form her head and is now doing very well so she must take medication once a day, under the suggestion of a vet for controlling any seizures, which she is a good girl and takes it right in her food or treat . But she is normal active dog

She will require a follow up MRi appointment in 4 months, which is paid for by the Rescue
. She is very house trained

She was well behaved when left alone in the house and is not destructive

. She knew “sit”, “down” and “give paw” on command.
She is spayed and has all her shots

Please Download an application on this site

sophia  body sophia face A1072377sofia3-1Sean and sophia Sean and legssophia

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