Hi My name is CALI and my papers says I am a female purebred VICTORIAN BULLDOG and I am 10 years old weighing 90 pounds.

I am extremely sweet and loving and my previous owners had to give me up when she had personal problems I grew up with three children all under five years old

My eyesight is not as good as it use to be, so when dogs come in my face, i don’t like it.. For that reason I should more probably be the Only dog in home But I am so sweet and loving you will only need me :-)

I totally house trained to go outside and very quiet My foster mom says i am just perfect.

Spayed with all my shots

Email for an application or just

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Cali walking Cali laying cali on couch again

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Hi My name is HANNAH an I am FOUR year Old PUREBRED BEAGLE with the sweetest disposition weighing 12 pounds
I just love everyone, and adore being hugged and petted ,and in true beagle fashion I just want to kiss and love you, as I am so gentle and kind
I was rescued from a puppy mill just two weeks ago, and I was very scared, as I never knew what it was to walk on grass But I am very gentle, and my foster mom and her family have shown me what kindness is
My Rescue says I will be the perfect companion for anyone and I am great with DOGS and CATS and of course CHILDREN as I am in a foster home with them. ,I am also a good girl and don’t bark or howl :-) and have learnt to walk on a leash
I am spayed and have all my shots and even have a microchip
I am waiting patiently for my own home and to have my own family to love me. Will anyone please adopt me.. I promise to be very good and how you how grateful i will be .
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Hannah walking Hannah playing Hannah sitting hannah great

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Hi My name is JUNO and i a stunning looking THREE YEAR OLD female all WHITE HUSKy with sparkling blue eyes weighing 45 pounds.

I am extremely sweet and shy, as I came form a puppy mill. I was very scared at first but now I am coming to my rescuers for treats and I love other DOGS

It will need someone who is patient with me to show me life is good I don’t have a mean bone in my body and my rescuers say I am very sweet

As I get to know people I become more sure of myself. and love to go on walks

Spayed with all my shots and microchip

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Juno body juno hold

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Hi my name is LILLY and a female FIVE YEAR old Purebred YORKIE (Yorkshire Terrier) weighing only 6 pounds full grown

I am very sweet, but shy and a little scared at first, as i came from a puppy mill

I will to run when you try to pick me up, as I am a little hand shy . This is normal for us dogs, But once held I will snuggle into you Just need someone to be patient with me

I love other DOGS and CATS and should have ANOTHER DOG in home of around my size, as that what makes me the happiest

Spayed with all my updated shots and microchip

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lucy lu hold

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Dooney and Bourke

DOONEY and BOURKE are a BONDED PAIR of perfect designer BLACK and WHITE 6 month old kittens. Dooney is a little QUIET and RESERVED while Bourke is the ADVENTUROUS one. Both boys love to PLAY and get BELLY RUBS. They are PURR MACHINES and spend loads of time CUDDLING with each other. Bourke looks after Dooney and makes sure he is properly groomed, while Dooney enjoys all of the attention. If you are looking to bring FUN and FROLIC into your home, then these are the kittens for you! You can visit them in Westchester, NY. Both boys are neutered, UTD on shots, and FIV/FeLV negative.

To meet me, fill out the CAT ADOPTION APPLICATION at

DOONEY - 1 BURK - 1 & BURK - 1


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Ny name is SLOAN and I am beautiful  Female SEVEN YEAR OLD purebred CHOCOLATE AND WHITE purebred HUSKY weighing 48 pounds

I am al little shy but very sweet and love to go on walks

I am good with other DOGS and CATS

House trained

Spayed with all my updated shots

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sloan face better sloan body sloan forward

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Big Red

Hi, my name is BIG RED and I am a 4 year old GREAT LOOKING, ORANGE TABBY male with a CUTE pink nose and cream colored cheeks. Here’s my backstory: I was found wandering outside during the recent blast of winter weather and cold temperatures. When no one claimed me, Posh Pets Rescue was contacted and I was placed temporarily into a nice foster home. Here’s what my foster mom says about me, “Big Red is VERY LOVING and AFFECTIONATE. He’s a LAP CAT who is extremely SNUGGLY. He likes to sleep on the bed with us. He also gets along GREAT with other cats and is FINE with dogs too.” Would you like to meet me? Arrange a, “Meet and Greet!” I am located in Long Beach, NY. I am neutered, UTD on shots, and FIV/FeLV negative.

To meet me, fill out the CAT ADOPTION APPLICATION at

Big Red4 - 1 Big Red3 - 1 Big Red2 - 1 big Red 1 cropped - 1


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Hi My name is SPENCER and I am SEVEN year old purebred male BEAGLE weighing 10 pounds with a beautiful tan and white coat

I am extremely sweet just love everyone… Very friendly

I am very good with other DOGS and love to be held

Neutered with all my updated shots

Please download an application on this site

spencer body

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Meet FRED. He is a 5 year old HANDSOME BROWN TABBY male with PURR-FECT SYMMETRICAL markings and PRETTY green eyes. Fred is VERY, VERY SOCIAL and SWEET. He loves ATTENTION and AFFECTION. (When he’s in the mood!) However, sometimes he just wants to be left alone. Fred was obviously OVERFED in his previous home. He weighs approximately 17.5 pounds, which is way too much for his frame. Fred would do best in a home where he can be your, “ONE and ONLY” and with an experienced cat person and someone that will put him on a diet so that he can get back to his normal weight. Would you like to reap the rewards of helping Fred shed those pounds? Fred is in residence in Long Beach, NY. Arrange a “Meet and Greet” with Fred. He is neutered, UTD on shots, and FIV/FeLV negative.

To meet me, fill out the CAT ADOPTION APPLICATION at

Fred1 - 1 Fred4 Fred3 Fred2Fred - 1


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Hi My name is OLIVER and I am a very handsome 3 Year old AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE mix weighing 58 pounds,  with a stunning light fawn colored coat, and when I look at you with my hazel eyes, you will just melt I hope and want to take me home

I am extremely friendly and my rescue says I am goofy and love for people to pet me

I lived with CHILDREN, DOGS AND CATS in my previous home and unfortunately due to un foreseen circumstances, owners had to give me to the rescue They said they had me since a baby pup, and I was always extremely kind and gentle with the children and other animals

I love to play but like nothing better then getting hugs, and laying with you quietly I am the perfect dog for any family , but the rescue promised the owners, I am in good hands and they will find another wonderful home to love me

I am neutered with have all my shots and microchip

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tyson 2 sitting Tyson 2

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Hi My name is VANNA and i am gorgeous 3 year old YEAR OLD female CHOCOLATE LABRADOR RETRIEVER MIX weighing a nice 47 pounds full grown with a beautiful thick and lush coat

I am a very sweet and friendly dog, and have that typical lab personality, and of course love water and swimming

Great with other DOGS and CHILDREN and if the dog is older I will play gently with them

I love to go for walks and exercise but very well behaved in the home

I have been crate trained and will go in and lay quietly, but even if I am let loose in home while you are out, I am well behaved and quiet. and will not chew anything

Perfect dog to just hang around with you and will let you know you are the most important person to me as I am affectionate and love to be hugged. I will lay my head on your lap to be petted.and of course if I get kisses, even better :-)

Just in case you want to take me with you on your errands, I want you to know I do ride well in a car also

Spayed and up to date with shots and have a microchip

or fill out application directly on our site and press SUBMIT at

vanna body vanna poking tongue outVanna full body vanna front body vanna fat face

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Hi, my name is Cooper, and I am a sweet, 4-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier/Labrador mix, weighing about 45 pounds.


With a lush black coat and white front, I look like I should be a Duke or Lord, hosting a grand dinner party in my tuxedo-style pattern. In fact, I’m all about being a gentleman, as everyone gushes about how nice I am and how gently I take treats from human hands. I’m also quite the dandy on the leash, walking politely and proudly, also ready to greet and make new friends with other dogs and children. I’m also great around cats.


I have been evaluated by a professional trainer who reports that I’m a smart boy and learn all basic obedience with ease. I would make a wonderful family dog, as inside I have a calm demeanor, always being the gentleman. I would love a home of my own, where I would love to sit around with you, talking about world events, the latest novel you read or just relaxing, snuggled together.


I’m neutered, up-to-date with all my shots, heartworm negative and micro-chipped. I’m also fully housetrained. My heart is all yours, so make me your forever furry family membe




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cooper and friend cooper miling again with ears back


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chasing a ball

All you have to do is look into 3 year old RAFIKI’s soulful eyes, and you will melt .

RAFIKI is an empathic snuggle-bear! He’s that rare sort of pooch who is so thoughtful, and cares so much about how others feel, that he could easily become one of the most important ‘people’ in your life. He’ll come thump-thump-thumping over to you with his paws and then sit his soft, self in your lap – oomph! That’s a lot to hold in your lap! And then he’ll look in your eyes like he knows exactly what kind of day you’ve had. This dog loves absolutely everyone. Well, except other dogs when he’s out on a walk. although he ignores them . But other than that, he loves everyone. You should see him when you turn on the TV! The way he races to get to his favorite spot on the couch. But don’t worry — all it takes is the gentlest nudge to scoot him.”

He love also going in water .and as she is so well behaved in a car, she can go on any adventures with you


House trained

Neutered with all his shots Heartworm tested negative

Please download this application on this site

rafikirafiki facerafiki hug

sam and loganRafiki

_DSC6538 rafiki side viewSam looking up sam running

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