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Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
Weight: 70 pounds
Size: Large
Age: Young
Gender: Male

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Cody and Me in the snow

ARI is a gorgeous 3 year old male PURE BREED AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER with a beautiful slate gray coat weighing a healthy 70 pounds (DNA Test has been done).

One person when meeting him said “He’s a hunk, a stud muffin, He’s absolutely gorgeous in his slate grey coat, wagging tail and expressive eyes. There’s something about his gaze, all knowing and intelligent, as if he knows what I’m thinking even before I think it.”

He is in foster home and lived with a SMALL grouchy dog previously, and great with BIG DOGS also He goes to Doggy Day Care.

He is big snuggler also and likes nothing better then to lay next you or at your feet.

He is athletic and loves to play fetch with a ball.

Ari is a wonderful dog, who will bark at strangers coming in the house , but settles right down once told its a friend as he is very smart and just does what any good dog should do

He knows commands :
place – go to his bed
crate – go to his crate
down – lay down
up – sit up from lying position
jump- jump to grab a toy from sitting
drop it – drop the toy he’s playing with (not perfect but getting there)
leave it – stop eating his food and lets you take it, He has to sit with out command to get the food back
heal – he comes to your side,
come – inside the home he comes

He is totally housetrained

Neutered with all his updated shots

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ari stitting Ari bodyari and me