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Breed: Amercina Staffie/Corgi mix
Weight: 31 pounds full grown
Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Gender: Female

Sophia is a 4 years old medium spayed yellow and white dog Mix of Staffie/Corgi . weighing a petite 31 pounds


She plays gently with adults and CHILDREN whose she lived with a 3 and 5 year old in her last home

. She is not bothered during storms/fireworks. She is friendly when her food bowl, toys and treats new touched while she had them. .
She is not bothered by baths or being disturbed while sleeping or resting. She is not bothered by unfamiliar that approached the family. She is friendly, affectionate, mellow, and excitable dog and loves other DOGS and good with CATS

. She will give her paw whenever she wanted affection.

Sophia however Did have a lump removed form her head and is now doing very well so she must take medication once a day, under the suggestion of a vet for controlling any seizures, which she is a good girl and takes it right in her food or treat . But she is normal active dog

She will require a follow up MRi appointment in 4 months, which is paid for by the Rescue
. She is very house trained

She was well behaved when left alone in the house and is not destructive

. She knew “sit”, “down” and “give paw” on command.
She is spayed and has all her shots

Please Download an application on this site

sophia  body sophia face A1072377sofia3-1Sean and sophia Sean and legssophia