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Breed: Labrador Retriever mix
Weight: 48 pounds
Size: Medium
Age: Young
Gender: Male

going for walk in snow

Tai is a wonderful 6 year old male Labrador mix wishing 45 pounds

he is a good dog, a fun dog, a dog who now knows that people can be trusted. His leash manners are impeccable. Tai will walk faithfully by your side, whether you’re walking, jogging, skateboarding or riding a bike. He also loves to play ball.

Tai knows and is comfortable with you (which takes about 5 minutes), he will try to protect you. If strangers walk up, he thinks it’s his job to tell them to back off. Once he knows your okay he is fine.

Same goes for strangers knocking at the door. He who doesn’t want a dog, that lets you know someone is coming :-)

. If new people he meets tell him to sit and give him treats, he will know they are friends and mean him and you no harm.

Tai lived with a teenager in his last home and he says he loved to jump up and kiss him

Tai has a lot of love to give, he just needs to find the right family. He is so easy and laid back and low maintenance

Once you meet this handsome dude, you’ll realize he is the only one you need, but If he is introduced appropriately into a home with another dog, he will be fine

Tai is located in Long Beach, NY (Long Island) and can be adopted within 3-4 hours of NYC

Download an application on this site

tai in snow Tai sleeping tai walkingTai and beth Tai running Tai sitting Tai side view Tai lookingg up