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Success Stories

Hank is Home <3

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Carmela’s Winding Road to Forever

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." ~ Robert Frost

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Miss Elizabeth – now Izzy!

Some "mistakes" are not mistakes at all . . .

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Boo the Pug

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Elle N’ Roses

Ginger saved as Rosie

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In considering whether or not to adopt a dog, there is really only one thing you need to know: are you ready to give that dog a stable, healthy, and loving environment so long as you both shall live? We are happy to say that we are totally committed to Finnegan, and in return, he keeps our heads above water and our hearts aglow—a good deal for all involved.

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What would you say to someone considering adopting? Well, buying animals is ridiculous. And, at least under most circumstances, not having them at all means missing out on one of the small handful of things that make life bearable.

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What would you say to someone considering fostering? It changes your life - it forces you to be less selfish. fostering is not only rewarding, but therapeutic.

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The best thing about adopting is not getting a puppy. Getting a dog who's older and wiser, and who is just content being by your side, who wants to drag you down the street to show you her favorite spots, and who's excited about what mystery lies just around the corner.

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Linda gives 150% to make sure that each adoption is a good match; she makes sure that the dogs are up to date with shots, spaying, neutering and groomed appropriately. When asked why we do this- the answer is simple- "Why don't you try it and see how it feels?" My reasoning behind all this is that we live in a disposable society- a world that throws away infants, senior citizens and just about anything and everyone around us is too busy talking about making a change. So I decided to step up to my own challenge and attempt to make a change- albeit small and maybe insignificant to others. Every time an adoption is made it's more than just placing a dog- it's making a family whole, it's finding that missing link and saving a life.

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What would you say to someone considering adopting? JUST DO IT! Sign up for www.1-800-save-a-pet.com which sends you daily emailed pix of dogs that meet your needs for size, age, etc. You'll save a life and you'll never regret it!

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I've been working in animal welfare for about 30 or more years, and am very proactive with animals. I've nearly walked into the jaws of hell to pull out a creature from the pit. I've been screamed at by horrible people, and seen terrible things done to poor little creatures, but I'm still going....still saving....still loving those beautiful 4-leggers....

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Sometimes it is just love at first sight! This was the case with one of our shih tzu’s Sweetie and his foster mom. Although Sweetie had some behavioral issues, the foster mom felt that she could deal with them – no problem. We usually don’t encourage our fosters to adopt the foster dog because we want them to keep fostering, but in this case, sometimes you know and the dog knows that he has found his new forever home! Sweetie, foster turned adopted dog never had to leave his mom!

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Little Cookie

Little Cookie is a big Jack Russell terrier mix that just could not find a home. She is very energetic and even with regular walks, needed more exercise. She was running around her foster’s large apartment and the two older dogs there were not too happy about it! Finally, with new photos sporting her pink bandana, Cookie got a new loving home in 5 days!

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Rufus is a very high energy black Labrador retriever mix around age 2. Black dogs always have a more difficult time getting adopted even in a rescue group as they are often just overlooked. Rufus was in a very good foster home and he attended adoption events but no takers. Someone saw him on our website and he had a house and a large yard. Rufus after almost a year finally found his forever home and is a really happy dog now! He has the run of the place!

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Melanie and Patches

I lost my beloved Cocker Spaniel and Shih tzu within 2 and half years of each other. I couldn’t bear the idea of not having a dog in my life. I looked at the Petfinder.com website. I clicked on Shih Tzus and there he was on Posh Pets rescue site. I fell in love with his sweet little face and knew we were meant for each other! I called Linda, filled out the application..and the rest is history!

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Jane and Dozer

This is Fluffy (now called Dozer) with Jane, his new mom. I saw the owner bring him back into a shelter. She had adopted him a year ago and was moving. I took him right away. Look at him now! What a happy dog!

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