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Fostering a Pet

Love the company of a pet but not yet ready to commit?
Posh Pets Rescue is always looking for loving homes to foster our pets while permanent homes are being sought. Providing a safe haven for our rescues enables us to save many more animals and is a vital part of our success. If you would like to be a part of our rescue efforts and are interested in short term fostering, please contact us.

“One of the wonderful things I like about fostering dogs is finding out their unique personalities. They are just as different and unique as any human, and this is especially true in the differences between older dogs and puppies. As a young college student, it would seem that my natural pairing would be with a spunky puppy. While I love their matching enthusiasm for life, I have found that fostering an older dog like Maggie is an often overlooked and just as rewarding experience. She may have less energy than a one year old, (thank you Maggie, for using this in not destroying my couch), but while puppies are unmatched in enthusiasm, Maggie and her more senior compatriots are unmatched in their appreciation. She takes a wisely slower approach to life that lends special moments of enjoying the simple things. Every pet is met with an grateful nuzzle, every dog park run with forming qualitative bonds, and there is no other dog I would like to walk down to the park to appreciate the sunset with. I’ve immensely enjoyed fostering Maggie as she has taught me many things, and I would recommend the addition of a senior dog to anyone’s household. With an older dog, you’ll literally stop to smell the roses, and in Maggie’s case, sometimes try to eat them!”

—Maija McLaughlin

Please complete our FOSTER APPLICATION here if you wish to  foster an animal (View in PDF)