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Foster Success Story

Name: Bethany

A little about yourself:
BFA photography Rhode Island School of design, 25

How and when did you start fostering?
Started in march 2008 – I met another foster Anna on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn while walking our Chihuahuas.

What’s the best thing about fostering?
Watching the animals begin to trust and love and become happy doggies. Also, meeting their new family, and making sure the dog is going to a happy, healthy home.

What’s hard about fostering?
Dealing with all their baggage – training them to become the best dog they can be. Nursing them back to health, and sometimes, dealing with the sadness sickness brings, and potentially losing dogs that have become close to our hearts. Its also hard to say goodbye.

How many animals have you fostered?

Have you had a favorite (and why)?
Nope. they are all different and awesome in their own ways. Some are harder than others.

Have there been any big surprises while fostering?
How quickly the little guys are to fall in love. They are all so eager to be given kisses and a great environment.

What’s the funniest moment you’ve had with your foster pets?
I found myself laughing while I was reading a magazine in bed, and found myself with all 4 pups (2 fosters and 2 of my own) at once!! Of course, they didn’t leave much room for me to sleep. It was a big slumber party, I’ve got to say.

What would you say to someone considering fostering?
It changes your life – it forces you to be less selfish. fostering is not only rewarding, but therapeutic.

What makes it all worth it for me is:
Knowing that my little pups have great homes with people that love them, and give them the homes they have always deserved, but were not lucky enough to be born into.

Is there anything else you want to say here about fostering?
Posh Pets is awesome??