займ на карту

Name: Kevin

A little about yourself:
32 y/o M from NY, varied interests.

Adopted animal(s) names:
Chauncey, Walter, Margaret, Willow (senile cat)

Why did you decide to adopt?
Completely dog-obsessed girlfriend sold me on the idea of dogs- I had little previous experience with their wonders, but have since been born again.

How did you choose your dogs?
Willow was aforementioned girlfriend’s dowry, Chauncey and Walter came from petfinder.com, Margaret sort of just showed up and attached herself.

Why did you name your dog Chauncey/Walter/Margaret?
Said girlfriend has what I consider to be a unique gift for naming animals.

What’s your favorite thing about your dogs?
They’re at least as effective as SSRI’s and cost about the same.

What’s the funniest thing your dogs have ever done?
It’s non-stop physical comedy. There’s no way to choose a single instance.

What would you say to someone considering adopting?
Well, buying animals is ridiculous. And, at least under most circumstances, not having them at all means missing out on one of the small handful of things that make life bearable.

Is there anything else you want everyone to know about you and your dogs?
Two of them are sitting on me.