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By Jean Olivier-White

I have been a foster parent with Posh Pets Rescue for about 3 1/2 years now. During this time, I have fostered and helped place about two dozen dogs including our long term rescue Theo, who was my first foster with Posh Pets and after 2 years and brain surgery finally found his forever home and is doing well. Theo required countless visits to specialist, had a rigid medication schedule and a demanding personality to at times complicate things but no one in our rescue group gave up on him.

The work is endless, tiring and very time consuming and the pay is incredible (a big lick and thank you from a dog is all you get in the end and we would not trade it for anything in the world). There is nothing more satisfying than to bring home a sick, scared or abused dog nourish him/her back to health and then have the control to place it with an appropriate family that will love him or her unconditionally. It’s always hard to hand them over to their new forever families but the people we have met are truly dedicated to rescue and knowing that so many folks make the effort to adopt first is amazing.

Each of our dogs leaves us knowing that we cared enough to give them the very best. The dogs that come into my home leave in good health, housebroken and more importantly confident and ready to take on the world and love and trust their new family. All Posh Pets rescues live in foster homes with an incredible network of people that make them part of their daily routines. The dogs that come into my home eat, play and sleep with us- they are never treated any less. My husband and I are never in a hurry to make a placement we truly believe there is a family out there for each dog that we bring in.

Linda gives 150% to make sure that each adoption is a good match; she makes sure that the dogs are up to date with shots, spaying, neutering and groomed appropriately. When asked why we do this- the answer is simple- “Why don’t you try it and see how it feels?” My reasoning behind all this is that we live in a disposable society- a world that throws away infants, senior citizens and just about anything and everyone around us is too busy talking about making a change. So I decided to step up to my own challenge and attempt to make a change- albeit small and maybe insignificant to others. Every time an adoption is made it’s more than just placing a dog- it’s making a family whole, it’s finding that missing link and saving a life.