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Melanie and Patches

I lost my beloved Cocker Spaniel and Shih tzu within 2 and half years of each other. I couldn’t bear the idea of not having a dog in my life. I looked at the Petfinder.com website. I clicked on Shih Tzus and there he was on Posh Pets rescue site. I fell in love with his sweet little face and knew we were meant for each other! I called Linda, filled out the application..and the rest is history!

Patches was retrieved from his foster mother Zita (RN) who was nursing him back to health from neglectful owners. Linda first took him to her vet . He was given antibiotics and was neutered. I made plans to meet him and Zita (who was to check me out to see if I would be a suitable It was a match made in heaven! He was released to me early (I am also an RN) and I continued his care. Within 7 days he was taken to my vet for examination as requested by Posh Pets. The vet extended the antibiotic treatment, added some drops for dry eye.

Within 3 days of him being in his new home with a doting granny and mom, he was eating, smiling and decidedly friskier. He has been with us for 5 weeks now and we could not be happier! He has the sweetest personality, is very smart and was house trained quickly! He gets invited to play with his 2 year old neighbor and they too love each other to bits.

SO thanks to Posh Pets for rescuing him ……. thanks to Zita his foster mother for the good care she gave him …….. Linda for coordinating it all……….. and the biggest thanks of all is for making this possible and making a little dog and his new family so happy!

— Melanie and Patches