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Ways to Help

Please consider making a donation to Posh Pet Rescue. Donations are accepted via Paypal: our email address is MsLondonspets@aol.com

Donate securely through PayPal
*All donations are tax-deductible.


Thank you for your support.

This is how Posh Pets Rescued these dogs. These are before and after pictures. Many of the dogs we rescue come in to shelter in this condition. This takes time and money to rehabilitate them, Your donation will go to helping these and many like them have a second chance at life.

If you are willing and able to help us with monthly, recurring donations, please use the form below:

Chris: Puppy with Hypoglycemia
Chris: Puppy with Hypoglycemia
Please help Mini Mike get better

Double Your Donation
You can increase your donation with matching corporate gifts. Many companies match the charitable contributions of their employees. This doubles (or more) your financial support and is relatively easy to obtain. Contact your company’s human resources department to find out more about this benefit and to pick up your company’s matching gift form.

Tell a Friend
Let your friends, family and coworkers know about the option of giving to the Posh Pets Rescue!

Other ways to Help and Volunteer
Download an application here.

If you would like to help transport dogs from vets, shelters, owners, or rescue groups, email us at MsLondonspets@aol.com.

We always want our dogs to look their best for adoption fairs and some of our rescues are in great need of a makeover.

Take Dogs to the Vet
If you would like to help transport dogs from vets, shelters, owners, or rescue groups write us at MsLondonspets@aol.com.

Help with an Event
Your time – a few hours on some weekends – will help us with our pet adoption days on our New Adoption Van, and enable us to save and care for more dogs and cats. You can also  help at our Petsmart Location in Greenburg Ny (Westchester area). Please email us at MsLondonspets@aol.com

Help with Fundraising or Grant Writing 
We are always in need of help in the fundraising department. If you have experience as a fundraiser for non-profit organizations, we can use your help. If you would like to organize a fundraising event, we could use your help. Any and all ideas are welcome! Also if you have skills for grant writing

Clerical Work
We are always in need of volunteers who posses organizational abilities-data entry, filing, cross-indexing, communications; those who can help with our mailings, database and record keeping.

Walk Our Dogs, or Play with our Cats
Some of our dogs and cats  are in our shelter in Long Beach NY . These dogs would love to spend some time with you going for a walk, the dog park or playing a game of Frisbee The cats would enjoy having someone come by to pet and play with them . If you have any spare time to socialize with our rescues, I know they would love to see you. Please contact us at MsLondonspets@aol.com to learn more about volunteering.

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